Lessons Learnt

On Facebook

Paper diaries are too expensive for the young adult, because clearly Facebook is the new place to put every sordid detail of your life on.

You are cool if:

You have the most check-ins in a day

You have ten million photos posted of yourself , with nearly half of said photos posed with duck face.

You have the most virtual friends ever.

You say LOL in all your comments or statuses.

You are only happy in your relationship if there are ten million statuses about your awesome boyfriend.

Correct spelling and grammar is dead. Go on people; ruin every language under the sun with your cool updates.

You can insult anyone, without ever having to take them on face-to-face. Because leaving vague messages on a social networking site is really grown up.

Don’t delete/block an ex-boyfriend of enemy. They need to see how awesome your life is without them, and more importantly, you need to be able to still stalk their pages on and off.

I can continue with my sarcasm, but here are some nice ones too:

Connecting with people you haven’t seen in ages.

It is an easy way to pass invitations to people.

Let people know (important) stuff.

Realising how many people you have met in your life.

Being able to Facebook stalk.

I totally get why so many people are just deleting their accounts. Facebook is amazing, but there are too many people you can’t delete without offending them, but they are so damn annoying that you know you will post something very sarcastic one of these days on their statuses and then they REALLY will be offended.

What is your opinion about this? Is social networking slowly destroying itself or are you still obsessed with everyone’s lives?

I leave you with a picture I would love to show everyone.. on Facebook.




One thought on “Lessons Learnt

  1. Yep, Rix got totally shot of his (he didn’t have time for childish nonsense, or wasting his time on something like that when he could be with real people). Good thing. I have thought about getting rid of mine, but it is great for sharing with my friends and family who are not nearby.

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