Easiest and Tastiest diet food EVER

Name it whatever you want: dieting, changing your lifestyle, taking control, a new you. It all comes down to the same thing: You want to be thin.

I am on my “I want to live to a 100” phase, and eating accordingly (well, most of the time)

The consumption of all the normal vices is obviously prohibited and often you crave something crunchy-crunchy. I found the best alternative to toast, chips, and other crunchy-crunchy foods.

I have been snacking on Baker’s Cracker bread (the Rye one) for ages. I have always added tuna and Trim (a lovely low fat salad dressing), Bovril and cheese, or Avocado. They are all pretty yummy, but the one recently discovered changed my life.

I now make myself Crackerbread with Low-Fat Sweet Chilli Cream Cheese from Woolworths. It is so delicious I will eat it even when I am not dieting. I thoroughly recommend this, no matter where you are in your “I want to be thin stage”

 Sweet chilli cream cheese

Cracker bread


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