Movie Review: Something Borrowed (2011)

Something borrowed

Plot: Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy’s fiancé

Rating: 6.5/10

I know I’ve seen this movie at some point. It is utterly forgettable and something that won’t survive the test of time (i.e. typical Kate Hudson movie style). That doesn’t mean that it is a horrible movie or deeply offensive because it isn’t. It even manages to raise some ethical questions – if your best friend steals the man you were falling for, do you have the right to fight back for him? Should you have spoken up? Should the man have spoken up? Was it okay for your best friend to do that to you – especially a childhood friend that knows everything about your reaction towards then and could have deduced exactly how she was feeling? The answers to those three questions are: Yes – you should speak up. Yes – he should speak up. And NO, it is never okay to steal your friend’s crush.

Something borrowd1

I loved the long hair on Ginnifer Goodwin. She manages to play the sweet and shy Rachel really well. I had issues with Rachel, but I also sympathised with her. It is hard in life to be the quiet girl not always able to say her feelings out loud – I’ve been that girl and had to work hard to be able to voice my feelings. I think Colin Egglesfield is absolutely gorgeous but I think Dex’s character was not realistic at all – can hot men be that deep? I am not so sure. I really don’t understand the point of John Krasinki in here – sorry, but what was the whole point of Ethan’s character? Then there is Kate Hudson being Kate Hudson, beautiful and not particularly talented. She plays the girl she always plays – beautiful, popular, a little bit dumb and she has good feelings even though she acts horrible to the people around her.


The movie drags at the end. It actually feels like the end has arrived on about three occasions then they return to the story and carry on some more. It’s exhausting. Other than that, this movie is fine for what it is: Fun to watch with your friends drinking wine, and easy to forget as you turn into sleep, but the reminder remains: don’t poach friends’ crushes.

17 thoughts on “Movie Review: Something Borrowed (2011)

    • I think between the two of them I dislike Hudson more, but I’ve also never seen Goodwin in something she really impressed me with 🙂

  1. It looks like you LOVED this hahahahaha. Not my cup of tea for so many reasons, but I can see how this could work for a girls night. However… you know how I do girls night movies xD

    Great work my friend. Agreed – don’t ever poach a crush from a friend. Dangerous as fuck.

  2. Nice review! Kate’s character goes beyond spoiled and an attention seeker, like the script tries to pass her off to be, and is just inconsiderate and rude to everyone around her. I liked some aspects of the movie but her character made it difficult to get into the bond of their friendship.

    • Thanks! I agree with you – Kate was such a spoiled character in here. I couldn’t understand how they had even become best friends!

  3. Sigh. I really have loved Jim. . er, I mean John Krasinski’s work in the American The Office but his film work seems pretty naff. And by that I mean shit. 😉

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