Weekend and stuff (and people that irritate me)

Good morning. It seems that Monday is trying to be particularly irritating again. And succeeding.


I was on leave on Friday, and it was divine to just to do nothing. I had a haircut, and felt awesome afterwards. I then met some friends at a local Italian restaurant/pub, to catch up. Then I went to a club in Edenvale, Doors, to see my friend that is visiting from Japan. It is great to see someone living their dream and being so happy about it!

Saturday, I just went to the shops, and then slept. That night I watched Rock of Ages. I wanted to watch this movie for quite some time, but I am glad I never went to the cinema for it. It just wasn’t that good.

Book Withdrawal

I read the Villa by Nora Roberts this weekend. I finished it on Sunday afternoon, and then immediately went into book withdrawal. It was really good, and now I am pining for it. It has been such a long time since I felt like this. Watch out for its great review sometime!



I couldn’t exercise this weekend, as I had a nasty bout of flu. I am mostly better, and will be able to start gymming again tomorrow. It has been hard not to go, but I think I am better now because I just gave my body time to heal.

Fake Friends

I am really disappointed in the people in my life right now. People who cancels on a big event after they said they would be there really sucks. You call yourself a friend? And this just because you are angry at something completely unrelated. Grow up, little girl.

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