Blindspot 2015: A Good Year (2006)

A good year poster

Plot: A British investment broker inherits his uncle’s chateau and vineyard in Provence, where he spent much of his childhood. He discovers a new laid-back lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold.

Rating: 6.5/10

It seems inconceivable that Russel Crowe and Ridley Scott could combine to commit such a stupendously formulaic movie. A Good Year is the last movie for my Blindspot selections for 2015, and it definitely was not the best. It really is okay – nothing bad or offensive, but seriously boring. The best part of the film is definitely the ode to a good wine and followed shortly by the lovely way the film was shot in sun kissed tones.

A Good Year is a mildly interesting rom-com, but lacks characters that you can emphasize or associate with. The male lead is constantly depicted as a terrible person that delights in bringing others down. The female lead is colored for a short while as a lady with a sad past that isn’t interested in a relationship, but is only mentioned as a token because it is never talked about again.

Then there is the relationship between Crowe and Cottliard’s characters, so ridiculous in a genre that is known for its’ preposterous notions on love.  First, Max Skinner nearly kills Fanny Chenal because he was texting and driving, after which he unearths waiter skills completely unexpected to his character, then there’s a date, kissing, sex, and boom, she’s the love of his life. That seems completely plausible no matter how you phrase it hey? Then there is the entire plot line with the unexpected heir that is actually totally nice and doesn’t want to beat Crowe up for lying to her all the time and selling her inheritance. Don’t forget to mention the whining best friend that is suddenly all amenable and sweet when presented with a sunburnt woman in need of ice on her back. And the whole secrecy regarding the special branding of wine that no one knows where it comes from but there are significant looks everywhere. Silly silly silly.

The film is however, as previously mentioned, beautifully directed and has soft tones to complement the gorgeous Parisian countryside. A Good Year was entertaining enough, but falls very far below the par if you consider the other films on my Blindspot list this year. I will do a recap shortly into the New Year – I’ve had a blast of a time with these films.

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11 thoughts on “Blindspot 2015: A Good Year (2006)

  1. Nice review Natalie, this does sound bizarre how such a good cast — this one looks amazing — comes up withs something unsatisfactory. This seems kind of like The Counselor that Scott made, where he put together this stellar ensemble, and then nobody liked the movie. Haha. Oh Russell Crowe, u sly dog u, trying on romantic comedies. . .

      • Eek! I guess today is Go Around the Blogs and Call People the Wrong Name Day. Sorry about that! 😦

        Yeah i just could never see him successfully pulling this kind of stuff off. Same with Tom Hardy. Which is why I’ve never seen This Means War.

    • It’s okay Timothy. I totally forgive you 😉

      hahah I’ve seen that and I’m pretty sure you will hate it. Definitely not the most cinematically pleasing event ever.

      • Timothy. Heh. I like it! 🙂

        Ok, i’ll take your advice and keep my distance from it.

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  3. Once again a great review by you Natasha, I am becoming a huge fan of your writing. Well, this movie is also in my watchlist. Let’s see when I get the time to see it..! I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Keep the good work going.

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