Five things Friday (Things I learned this week – and Announcement time)


Welcome to the third installment of my new Theme Five Things Friday.

I hope you enjoy.

Please see  the first two posts here (Five Favorite Superhero Movies) and here (Authors)

Five things I learned this week

I am not a dancer, and should accept this fact and not do a dance class at gym.

I did a dance class (V-box – sorry, Virgin Active, it is a very violent form of dancing) and I suck. I suspected I would – coordination has never been my strong point.

I can shuffle around on the dance floor in normal clubs.

Not while sweating in my trainers and feeling uncoordinated.



*Awesome motivational thing because I love awesome Motivational things

Will stick to running and biking and weights.

The world after CrapBerry is AMAZING

The only time my new HTC has died on me this week is because it went flat after a lot of use. Not because it decided it didn’t want to work anymore.

I love this new found technological freedom.

HTC Wildfire

Long hair is a lot of work

I have worn my hair short for the past few years, only growing it out last year. I went without a haircut (I know, it is shameful) for about five months, and now it is in a lovely – but high maintenance – style. I now have to work on it, and straighten it, daily.

People don’t upset me anymore

I know some very contrary, childish and rude people (they are not necessarily all three, but they are at least one). And this week – they rolled off me. Am I immune? Am I free? Only time will tell, but I am feeling confident about this.

The year has flown

There was this article some time ago that I really thought about – that your perception of a year’s going rate changes as you get older because you have more years behind you. That sounds a bit confusing, but thinking about it, it makes sense. How did it become AUGUST? This is definitely going to be the most intense part of the year for me – exams, my sister’s wedding (and associated events), getting a car, in shape, and loads of other stuff.

Announcement time

I have decided to give up a bad habit each week for the next few following weeks.

Going cold turkey with a healthy lifestyle, emotional well being and sleeping patterns asks for failure.

So I am tackling it week by week. I have started with Coffee.

I usually drink up to 5 cups a day, and even without sugar, I am still ingesting too much caffeine and milk.

From now on (From Thursday) I am only doing one cup.

Keep thinking of me comrades.

N 🙂

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