Halloween Week: Woman In Black

WIB poster

Plot: A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals (via IMDb)

Scare O’Meter: 3 scares out of 5

rating 3

Oh em ghee! Look, I am a scaredy cat. I won’t even deny it. Give me violence, I can deal with that shizz, give me terrorism, I will be endlessly fascinated. Give me a serial killer, I will be hooked. Give me a nice little psychological horror? I will hide under my blankets yelling for my mama.

I was impressed with the directing. The movie was shot in such clear, contrasting lines, it reminded me somewhat of a Hitchcock film (I am sorry if I do offend by that statement, but the dramatic contrasts and sharp lines reminded me terribly of Suspicion). The way this movie was directed made it more eery at the end of the day.

Daniel Radcliff never really impressed me with his portrayal of his iconic Potter roles, but I really enjoyed him in here. He manages to be distressed and determined at the same time, and shows with a film like this he can carve a name out for himself in the current entertainment industry.

The scariest of the film all came from obvious tricks that managed to make you jump even when you knew what was going down. I had some seriously Dafuq moments with those creepy as fuck dolls, and then Arthur goes and willingly winds them up on his own at one stage?!?!

I thought Ciaran Hinds was Stephen Fry who had  losta LOT of weight. My bad. I always enjoy both actors and thought he was handling his grief in this movie way better than his loony wife, who also freaked me out at one stage quite spectacularly.

Tips to surviving when visiting a freaky English town:

Don’t go to Freaky English Town (FET).

If you are at a FET, don’t go into spooky old mansions. Ain’tnobody got time for that.

If the villagers tell you to LEAVE, you LEAVE.

Don’t invite your son on a working trip, basic knowledge.

Don’t wind up freaky old school dolls that look like it had a demonic encounter sometime in the last five hundred years.

Don’t try and fix things, just leave.

Here are some (patented) clips of me and Zoë discussing this movie while I was watching. Enjoy!



(notice how my typos increase as the movie continues… I promise that is not how I usually spell!)


PS:  I am referring to Ciarian Hinds, mistakenly seen as Stephen Fry (anyone could have done that!)4








Okay, there you have it! A look into the (slightly hysterical) conversations Zoë and I had about this. Hope you enjoyed and happiest of Halloweens!

9 thoughts on “Halloween Week: Woman In Black

  1. Great movie. I was iffy about it at first. But it impressed me. They just released a trailer for the sequel , ‘ The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death.’. You should check it out.

    • I thought so too. I always have this idea in my head that horrors are badly made and this was such a nice surpise. I will thanks! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Hahaha I don’t even know how I confused the two… there is at least a 20kg difference between them!

      Haha ZOE was judging Hairy Harry.

      I do like Radcliffe more than I did from his Potter movies.

    • Yep, it was me with a problem with hairy men. There are limitations to what I will deal with. If you look like you are permanently wearing a jersey when you haven’t got clothes on, make a waxing appointment.

      Plus yes, Radcliffe is actually pretty damn good.

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  3. Dearest Chemistry Kidney of Poland,

    I had waaaaaay too much fun reading this hahahaha. I am so happy to see you enjoyed it. I can always ease you into decent horrors, not shitty low budget stuff, then you can build up some defences 😛

    Watch The Conjuring. Alone. In the dark. On your tablet. With all this rain. Immediately.


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