Movie Review: Dr. Strange (2016)


Plot: A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts

Rating: 8/10

Dr. Strange is by far Marvel’s best looking film to date. The images are extraordinary and a showcase just how far Marvel and technology has progressed up to now. I was very much impressed by all the pretty looking effects and mind breaking images. The slightly lacking plot is saved by the incredible talent that is Benedict Cumberbatch, who enters the superhero craze by taking on a role that wouldn’t have fitted any other actor and suited him perfectly. I think his success comes not only from his talent (which is astronomical) but also his clearly focused approach to his career development – he hasn’t taken on a bad choice in years. I enjoyed him as Dr. Strange, obviously, his work as a neurosurgeon, his crippling loss and refusal to be something what he considers less, and his subsequent rise as a very reluctant, disbelieving superhero.


The androgynous mastermind Tilda Swinton takes on the role of Sorcerer Supreme. I liked her – she’s so strange and otherworldly and I could completely support her as a century old being with magical power. Chiwetel Ejiofor was wonderful but underdeveloped – I found his pure spirit and belief wonderful, and he deserved much more development on screen.


I thought the end was a bit drawn out and wished for its closure a while before it ended. It would be unfair to say the plot had holes – it didn’t, but I would have appreciated more information. A lot of the time I felt that the golden magic they were making was simply parlour tricks. I thought the villains looked faintly ridiculous with their golden eye shadow and eyeliner gone wrong.  It’s probably the first time I’ve been unimpressed by Mads Mikkelson – this role didn’t suit him at all. I also thought the love story was a bit superfluous – really, why even include it at all, and that Rachel McAdams should probably have had more time on screen because she’s a wonderful actress.

I really loved the bookcases – if I had so much space I would definitely do that! I also quite enjoyed the librarian; he had some good interactions with Dr. Strange.

Dr. Strange wasn’t perfect, but it was really good, really unique and a brilliant new approach from Marvel. I’m quite convinced that nothing will stop them now, they are taking careful steps to avoid boring their audience. If you haven’t seen this yet and isn’t tired out by superheroes, I definitely suggest you give it a try!


9 thoughts on “Movie Review: Dr. Strange (2016)

  1. Eye liner gone wrong, haha. I had a moment where I thought wtf is Mads Mikkelsen doing with eyeliner on here, and then Dr. Strange himself addresses it in that one scene where they first square off. Man, some of this movie was really really great (the VFX and the acting) but then there were parts where I couldn’t help but roll my eyes (why do all the mystics have to have such generic names like Ancient One? and stuff like that). It balanced out favorably for me, though. I took the great and mostly left the bad. Nice review friend

    • Haha! It really is the only thing that looked silly in this film – the rest looked great.

      The names were so generic it could have been a dystopian novel 😀

      For the very few flaws was cancelled by the good. Definitely a goody!

      Thank you!!

  2. Thinking on it, I just can’t imagine ANY other actor playing Stephen Strange. Cumberbatch absolutely nails the look and attitude. It’s going to be interesting to watch him going forward in the MCU.

    • I can’t wait to see what he does further on. He’s one of the best castings Marvel has ever done, and they are generally good already.

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